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Merit Security was established in 1984 in Silicon Valley, California. The company has roots in New York City where many of the security strategies and applications have originated and been developed. Over the years there has been continued education, additions and improvements to eliminate or mitigate the threat to a company or individual’s privacy and confidentiality.

Merit has other security services available to protect assets and mitigate threats. The company focuses on security techniques and investigations to protect vital sensitive and proprietary information that can be disseminated and stored at various locations. Confidential information could include privileged company information, employee information (PII), customer information, sales and marketing strategies and plans, R&D, mergers and acquisitions as well other departments and areas that have sensitive and confidential documents and information.

Having the benefit of working in the fast paced competitive market in New York City to the competitive, high technology oriented marketplace of Silicon Valley, Merit Security has also implemented and fine-tuned security services and consulting to enable companies to better protect and maintain their intellectual properties and minimize or eliminate threats, risks and liabilities.

Our TSCM Security Services

merit_bug_sweep_smallMerit Security teams perform professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) / de-bugging sweeps and audits. Merit has been able to make recommendations to better control and protect vital information. Merit also demonstrates the important aspect of awareness to the staff of the threats, vulnerabilities and devices that could compromise privacy and confidentiality.

Merit Security Teams encompass seasoned security practitioners with an impressive accumulation of knowledge, experience, and expertise across a wide range of business-critical security topics. Feel free to contact us, in confidence, with any issues or concerns. Our experts can provide answers to your questions and provide proper solutions and guidance.

Our Clients

We provide services for corporations, private individuals, event and meeting organizers, property managers, and any others having security concerns, privacy and confidentiality issues. For more information contact Merit Security at 1-800-4-SECURITY  or info@meritsecurity.com.

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We have our regular staff of employees who are all trained in the state-of-the-art technical security technology and security protection. For special situations where specialized skills are needed, we bring in the experts to complete an assignment.

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