At all times, your personnel, clients, and strategic partners must apply proper measures, best practices, and discretion to protect your business-related communications, correspondence, files and document sharing.

Is your workplace protected and tested (TSCM swept) to safeguard confidentiality and contain proprietary and sensitive information?

Protecting the confidentiality of certain workplace and executive communications, internal and external transfers of documents and assets, and personnel data is essential in minimizing liability and maintaining a competitive edge.

In today’s workplace, security awareness and precautions are vital not only for voice and data communications, but also before, during, and after meetings, and at corporate events. Even company-sponsored social functions, where business-critical information can inadvertently be disclosed, require security considerations.

Merit Security can help your company identify, implement, and maintain best practices for communications security and integrity.

Merit Expertise will provide:

Security Evaluation of Communications Equipment and Procedures.

  • Reviewing effectiveness, usage, and application of existing communications equipment
  • Evaluating scope and adequacy of existing security measures
  • Performing an electronic countermeasures sweep (TSCM) of the communications equipment in sensitive areas to investigate for eavesdropping or the attempt of espionage
  • Assessing vulnerabilities for internal and external attack

Keeping Pace with Changing Security Issues and Vulnerabilities

  • Industry standards, specific security measures for your specific needs
  • Liability and risk management relating to company communications
  • Employee awareness, training, and testing
  • Updating information as needed