Computer Security and Network Threats

Merit Security performs monitoring for rogue access points and audits for general physical vulnerabilities to computer operations and the network. Our team of seasoned professionals can perform penetration testing and ethical hacking to highlight vulnerabilities. We have proficient computer consultants perform these services for Fortune companies that include high technology, major financial and a cross section of medical and industrial clients.

The approach to a computer security audit is to understand the current security posture, pinpoint any potential vulnerabilities / threats, and to perform testing against it. The testing can be applied to all noted networking access methods (for example; LAN, WAN, WLAN, Intranet, DMZ, Remote Access, Internet, and Extranet). The goal of this task will be to identify vulnerabilities and if it is possible to breach existing computer security. This task can involve several types of audits:

  • Brute Force Audits – exploiting various scripts, known flaws, poor passwords, etc. in a straightforward and rapid manner.
  • “Stealth” Audits – These types of audits use similar techniques to those used in the Brute Force Audit, but are done over a longer time frame in an attempt to prevent human and automated systems from detecting the attack.
  • Compromised Audits – In the event access is obtained to of one the devices, the computer security practitioner will launch various attacks / probes from this device using any trusted relationship it may have with devices on the network.
  • VPN’s – Internet Surfing Security and other Computer Security Audits

Is outside testing being performed regularly and periodically? What would be lost if internal company information moving across the network were visible to the media, a competitor or adversary? If your business is of interest by the investing public, or if you could be threatened by a competitor, possibly a target of a foreign government, Merit Security’s audits are essential, not only to search for and mitigate vulnerabilities, but to follow proper and prudent guidelines for due diligence.

Merit Security, established in 1984 specializes in Protecting Vital Information.

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