All aspects of security at your facilities require continual, periodic auditing and assessment. A company must include security considerations when designing, implementing, and managing its properties.

Your security policy must take into account the layout of buildings and their perimeters, proximities, parking, and lighting; placement of closed-circuit television (CCTV), access controls, emergency and backup contingencies, and lobby procedures.

Security considerations for each area must be evaluated and upgraded as warranted by growth.

Policies for monitoring personnel and visitor traffic, the controls and tracking of assets, backup and contingency plans, and preparedness for emergencies and unexpected incidences require periodic review and updating. Have you updated your backup emergency contact list within the last quarter? Are specific procedures in place for who calls whom, where to meet, or, if need be, who deals with law enforcement and/or the media? Have you staged and rehearsed emergency, contingency, and backup plans?

Balancing facility safety with the need for an efficient workplace requires a highly adaptable security strategy.

Merit Expertise:

Assessment of Facilities, Buildings, and Other Company Properties

  • Identification of security vulnerabilities in building access points, i.e., entryways, parking or vehicle accommodations, lighting, CCTV, roof vulnerabilities, bomb hazards, mail room procedures
  • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), badging, lobby controls
  • Vendor contracts and guard services
  • Emergency and contingency planning, back-up communications
  • Documentation of policies and procedures
  • Advisories, updating, training and testing

Each company has its own unique characteristics and specific needs. Merit Security expertise specifically designs its programs based on tried and proven applications derived from decades of security and business experience.

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