Privacy and Confidentiality

What could be considered information? Merit Security is primarily concerned with protecting sensitive, confidential and proprietary information. Our research has found that many people do not realize the degree of information that falls into this category. In many cases principals and owners of organizations have a higher understanding but their coworkers, staff, sub – contractors and the like do not have the same understanding, interest, or concern to protect and maintain confidential information. In some cases the co-workers, staff, sub-contractors and the like, may try to glean this information for their own benefit.

Proprietary information could certainly be defined as: salaries, benefits, personal information, customers, pricing, R & D projects, legal issues, stock plans or changes and mergers and acquisitions. Other topics should be included such as: marketing plans, advertising strategies, production processes, proprietary meeting dates, times and location, air travel arrangements, flights, hotel reservation dates and locations, and other information and topics that might be germane to a specific business model.

Merit Security provides audits to protect sensitive, confidential and proprietary information. The initial assessment could be as simple as a walk through. A more detailed examination could include an evaluation of how your sensitive, confidential and proprietary information is disseminated and stored when a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) de-bugging sweep is performed. Other tests, examinations and investigations can be implemented to correct or eradicate risk as well as put procedures in place to mitigate future losses.

This information may be more prone to seizure than is generally realized. Information gathering can take the form of acquiring bits of information to assemble the picture or, positioning an adversary in a restaurant, next door hotel room, with a variety of clandestine and surreptitious devices (bugs) that can get the whole picture in one setting or meeting. Take into consideration that off site meetings at hotels, business forums, social gatherings and residences are more prone to information loss.

In many cases, loss of confidential, proprietary or sensitive information could cost a considerable amount. In some cases information loss has cost millions. Not only is there a significant financial loss but there is also the loss of reputation, negative publicity, potential negative legal ramifications, business loss and negative fiduciary implications, etc. That risk cannot be tolerated.

We urge you visit other pages on this site that are listed under the Articles tab. There are issues that relate to Social Engineering that are very important to the protection of proprietary information.

Merit Security welcomes your questions and can discuss your concerns confidentially. If there is a concern that any of your communication links are compromised call us from a trusted phone or a convenient public phone in a secure area.