Corporate theft grows increasingly more sophisticated and creative-and so must the due diligence and measures that combat it. In order to safeguard operations, supply chains, structure, movement of assets, and workplace traffic, your security policy and risk assessments must constantly evolve. In addition, your security measures should also include failsafe procedures for emergencies, back-ups, contingencies, and extraordinary circumstances. Does your current security operations expect and prepare for the unexpected?

Uniformly applied security procedures are essential in all operations of the workplace, from the lobby to the last storage room in the warehouse. Proper background investigations, assigning and monitoring of badges and keys, regular auditing, awareness and watching for unauthorized personnel are only a part of a well-rounded security plan. Vulnerabilities and lack of due diligence can lead to unnecessary litigation.

All departments in your workplace must be made aware of security best practices and due diligence. On-site access for employees, vendors, and visitors must be regulated. Authorization levels and company information should be disseminated on a need-to-know basis. It should be understood that security vulnerabilities exist inside and outside of the company perimeter, on the manufacturing floor, in labs, data centers, offices and cubicles, in the mailroom, and in the external deliveries and shipment areas.

Security personnel must have a thorough understanding of how to prevent and investigate breaches in security involving workplace violence, harassment, espionage, or theft. The company must also have processes in place to properly document and monitor security breaches and suspicious activity. In some cases, your employees are your first and best line of defense. A contact point for employees to anonymously report wrongdoing can be highly advantageous.

A company must also be prepared, and possibly “fail-safed,” for natural disasters, emergencies, accidents, or evacuations. It must also ensure adequate levels of security for high-profile personnel, unique incidents or media events. These variables require not only a smart, but also a viable security plan and strategy.

Merit Expertise will provide:

Complete or Scaled Review of Existing Operations

  • Auditing existing operations and measuring appropriateness of current security measures
  • Identifying security vulnerabilities in existing work settings
  • Proactive incident prevention and avoidance procedures
  • Benchmarking your company against standards of the industry
  • A prioritized plan as to need and budget

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