Meeting & Board Room Security

The protection of meeting privacy, maintaining meeting confidentiality, and safe guarding company secrets is a Merit Security forte. Although there are many facets to meeting security such as; guards, access controls, badging, etcetera; maintaining confidentiality at proprietary and sensitive meetings are a prime concern for corporate executives. Thus this should be a prime concern for event coordinators, meeting planners, hotel hospitality departments, catering and banquet managers and the like.

As media attention illustrated, meeting privacy was breached at several high profile events in recent years. A Mitt Romney fundraiser was surreptitiously recorded and posted on YouTube. That may have cost him the election. Imagine the same happening to your meeting or to your executive. Often times and unfortunately, many incidents are not documented or publicized; the incident was never detected, or the company does not want negative publicity. Merit Security can eliminate or mitigate these risks.

Discussion pertaining to these topics could typically take place at a meeting: salaries, benefits, personal information, customer pricing, R&D, legal issues, travel arrangements, marketing plans, advertising strategies and production processes, as well as other topics relevant to an individual company. These should be considered proprietary and confidential information.

Information gathering and social engineering techniques can acquire small bits of information and when assembled can illustrate the big picture. This could benefit a competitor’s position. A variety of clandestine devices can be used to glean proprietary information at offsite meetings, hotels, business forums, corporate events, social gatherings, and executive residences. These venues are more prone to information loss. Ask us why. The loss or breach of sensitive information could cost a considerable amount in lost business, reputation and negative publicity. There are also concerns for legal ramifications and fiduciary responsibility.

When microphones are used at a meeting they could be extremely vulnerable to eavesdropping. Ask us why. Merit Security has methods to protect wireless communications. When a meeting planner, event coordination, hotel or venue staff demonstrate awareness of privacy issues, and can provide decisive action against the threats, the client will appreciate protective services and value your concern for their privacy and confidentiality.

Merit provides services that can transparently safeguard meeting privacy with no adverse effects on systems, clients or attendees. Although there may be significant security controls in place at corporate locations; this is not necessarily the case at convention centers, hotels and other off-site venues.

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