Merit is dedicated to protecting your confidential, proprietary and sensitive information. The list of services we provide are below.


If you are dealing with a sensitive and/or confidential matter involving a business, personal issue or problem, or when proof or documentation is needed to provide to Law Enforcement, a Professional Private Investigator can be the help and fortification needed. Confidential private investigation supports your efforts to gain insight, proof, substantiation and possibly evidence, to support or repudiate your concerns, perception or comprehensions. It should be taken into consideration, as in any profession, the practitioner should have specific aptitude in the area of work needed. There are Private Investigators that specialize in surveillance, background investigations, workplace violence issues and the like. The experienced Private Investigator can be your resource for answers, a supportive ally and a consultant to remedy, eliminate or mitigate the problem.

Merit Security’s extensive staff and professional consultants have specific expertise in the various Private Investigation subjects and assisting individuals and businesses with:

  •  TSCM, Technical Services Counter Measures (de-bugging services)
  • Workplace issues involving employee integrity, background investigations, workplace violence, reduction of workforce
  • Mobile and fixed surveillance designed to blend into the environment
  • Specific ability to do covert remote, unmanned surveillance
  • A network of National and International associates to cover the globe
  • Help with travel security and advisories for executive protection
  • Complete business investigations to uncover both internal and external threats

Merit is a California Licensed Private Investigations Firm CA PI #23721 and has been in business since 1984.

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Corporate theft grows increasingly more sophisticated and creative-and so must the due diligence and measures that combat it. In order to safeguard operations, supply chains, structure, movement of assets, and workplace traffic, your security policy and risk assessments must constantly evolve. In addition, your security measures should also include failsafe procedures for emergencies, back-ups, contingencies, and extraordinary circumstances. Does your current security operations expect and prepare for the unexpected?

Uniformly applied security procedures are essential in all operations of the workplace, from the lobby to the last storage room in the warehouse. Proper background investigations, assigning and monitoring of badges and keys, regular auditing, awareness and watching for unauthorized personnel are only a part of a well-rounded security plan. Vulnerabilities and lack of due diligence can lead to unnecessary litigation.

All departments in your workplace must be made aware of security best practices and due diligence. On-site access for employees, vendors, and visitors must be regulated. Authorization levels and company information should be disseminated on a need-to-know basis. It should be understood that security vulnerabilities exist inside and outside of the company perimeter, on the manufacturing floor, in labs, data centers, offices and cubicles, in the mailroom, and in the external deliveries and shipment areas.

Security personnel must have a thorough understanding of how to prevent and investigate breaches in security involving workplace violence, harassment, espionage, or theft. The company must also have processes in place to properly document and monitor security breaches and suspicious activity. In some cases, your employees are your first and best line of defense. A contact point for employees to anonymously report wrongdoing can be highly advantageous.

A company must also be prepared, and possibly “fail-safed,” for natural disasters, emergencies, accidents, or evacuations. It must also ensure adequate levels of security for high-profile personnel, unique incidents or media events. These variables require not only a smart, but also a viable security plan and strategy.

Merit Expertise will provide:

Complete or Scaled Review of Existing Operations

  • Auditing existing operations and measuring appropriateness of current security measures
  • Identifying security vulnerabilities in existing work settings
  • Proactive incident prevention and avoidance procedures
  • Benchmarking your company against standards of the industry
  • A prioritized plan as to need and budget

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All aspects of security at your facilities require continual, periodic auditing and assessment. A company must include security considerations when designing, implementing, and managing its properties.

Your security policy must take into account the layout of buildings and their perimeters, proximities, parking, and lighting; placement of closed-circuit television (CCTV), access controls, emergency and backup contingencies, and lobby procedures.

Security considerations for each area must be evaluated and upgraded as warranted by growth.

Policies for monitoring personnel and visitor traffic, the controls and tracking of assets, backup and contingency plans, and preparedness for emergencies and unexpected incidences require periodic review and updating. Have you updated your backup emergency contact list within the last quarter? Are specific procedures in place for who calls whom, where to meet, or, if need be, who deals with law enforcement and/or the media? Have you staged and rehearsed emergency, contingency, and backup plans?

Balancing facility safety with the need for an efficient workplace requires a highly adaptable security strategy.

Merit Expertise:

Assessment of Facilities, Buildings, and Other Company Properties

  • Identification of security vulnerabilities in building access points, i.e., entryways, parking or vehicle accommodations, lighting, CCTV, roof vulnerabilities, bomb hazards, mail room procedures
  • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), badging, lobby controls
  • Vendor contracts and guard services
  • Emergency and contingency planning, back-up communications
  • Documentation of policies and procedures
  • Advisories, updating, training and testing

Each company has its own unique characteristics and specific needs. Merit Security expertise specifically designs its programs based on tried and proven applications derived from decades of security and business experience.

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Your personal and family security can cover a wide range of topics and requirements. Specialized attention or tactics may depend on individual needs. Merit Security is proud to have a team of experts, covering a wide range of security subjects, to alleviate stress, eliminate or mitigate problems or concerns.

Personal Security encompasses security and protection with regards to travel security, residential security, security while in transit and security at the workplace.

Merit Security works with many executives of major corporations as well as high net worth and high profile clients.

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Merit Security can be your Off-Site, Virtual Security Department. For companies that do not need a full-time security professional or manager, Merit Security can provide the management and administration expertise to plan, develop, monitor, and continually assess security operations.

Now, your company can control costs utilizing a vast and varried degree of security experience.

Through our network of skilled professionals, Merit can provide sources for investigations and background checks, surveillance, executive protection, travel security, workplace violence, guard services and management, vendor contracts and negotiations, access controls, integrated electronic systems, asset tracking, disaster recovery and emergency preparedness.

Merit Expertise will provide:

  • Assessment and evaluation of current security operations
  • Working with other management within your company to generate a realistic budget
  • Development of security procedures and policies, or review and update of existing operations
  • In-house personnel as needed, or as your company grows
  • Timely access to security specialists
  • Security professionals for immediate on-site services as needed
  • Training, testing, and awareness programs
  • Guidelines, procedures, documentation, forms, training, and testing for employee awareness
  • Crime prevention and other employee issues

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Without question, your residence or residential properties must ensure the highest level of protection and privacy for you, your family, guests, and all other occupants.

Residential security and business security share common objectives: protection against harm, intrusion or unauthorized access, safeguarding of privacy and assets, and awareness and compliance with safety codes and guidelines.

The fundamental expectations of any residential dwelling are security, safety, privacy, and indeed, “peace of mind.” Whether for your primary or other residences, it is vital that adequate levels of protection and comfort are maintained and upgraded accordingly.

It is prudent to consider a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) sweep of your residence to highlight Windows of Vulnerability that may exist.

Merit Expertise will provide:

Guidance on Proper Residential Protection

  • Assessing existing access controls, alarm systems and emergency communications, perimeter vulnerabilities, and proper lock/key/entry hardware
  • Guidance on necessary changes to current security measures
  • Awareness and preparation for back-up and emergencies
  • Security awareness, information and training for children in the home
  • Performing an electronic sweep (TSCM) of the phones, rooms, or other places to detect for eavesdropping devices or wiretaps

Security Procedures for Executive or Estate Properties

  • Additional or special measures needed for larger homes or estate properties
  • Access and perimeter controls and awareness
  • Issues for screening contractors or guests/visitors on property
  • Awareness and preparation for emergencies
  • Other factors based on individual exposure, profile and needs

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