Personal Security can cover a wide range of topics. Protection against harm to an individual, security and protection for family members all require specialized attention as we are all individuals with different needs and requirements.

Personal Security encompasses security and protection with regards travel security, residential security, security while in transit and security at the workplace.

Merit Security works with many executives of major corporations as well as high net worth and high profile clients.

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When you need proof or documentation to provide to Law Enforcement, or if you are dealing with a sensitive and/or confidential matter involving a business or personal problem or relationship, a Professional Private Investigator can be the fortification needed. Confidential private investigation supports your efforts to gain insight, proof, substantiation and possibly evidence to support or repudiate your perception or comprehension. But, as in any profession the professional should have specific aptitude in the area of work needed.

Merit Security’s extensive staff and professional consultants have been assisting individuals and businesses with:

  • TSCM, Technical Services Counter Measures debugging services
  • Workplace issues involving: employee integrity, background investigations, workplace violence, reduction of workforce
  • Mobile and fixed surveillance designed to blend into the environment
  • Specific ability to do covert remote, unmanned surveillance
  • A network of National and International associates to cover the globe
  • Specific help with travel security and advisories for executive protection
  • Complete business investigations to uncover both internal and external threats

Merit is a California Licensed Private Investigations Firm CA PI #23721 and has been in business since 1984.

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