Residential Security

Without question, your residence or residential properties must ensure the highest level of protection and privacy for you, your family, guests, and all other occupants.

Residential security and business security share common objectives: protection against harm, intrusion or unauthorized access, safeguarding of privacy and assets, and awareness and compliance with safety codes and guidelines.

The fundamental expectations of any residential dwelling are security, safety, privacy, and indeed, “peace of mind.” Whether for your primary or other residences, it is vital that adequate levels of protection and comfort are maintained and upgraded accordingly.

It is prudent to consider a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) sweep of your residence to highlight Windows of Vulnerability that may exist.

Merit Expertise will provide:

Guidance on Proper Residential Protection

  • Assessing existing access controls, alarm systems and emergency communications, perimeter vulnerabilities, and proper lock/key/entry hardware
  • Guidance on necessary changes to current security measures
  • Awareness and preparation for back-up and emergencies
  • Security awareness, information and training for children in the home
  • Performing an electronic sweep (TSCM) of the phones, rooms, or other places to detect for eavesdropping devices or wiretaps

Security Procedures for Executive or Estate Properties

  • Additional or special measures needed for larger homes or estate properties
  • Access and perimeter controls and awareness
  • Issues for screening contractors or guests/visitors on property
  • Awareness and preparation for emergencies
  • Other factors based on individual exposure, profile and needs

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