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Operations Security

Corporate theft grows increasingly more sophisticated and creative-and so must the due diligence and measures that combat it. In order to safeguard operations, supply chains, (more…)

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Virtual Security Department

Merit Security can be your Off-Site, Virtual Security Department. For companies that do not need a full-time security professional or manager, Merit Security can provide (more…)

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Residential Security

Without question, your residence or residential properties must ensure the highest level of protection and privacy for you, your family, guests, and all other occupants.


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Personal Security

Your personal and family security can cover a wide range of topics and requirements. Specialized attention or tactics may depend on individual needs. Merit Security (more…)

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Facilities Security

All aspects of security at your facilities require continual, periodic auditing and assessment. A company must include security considerations when designing, implementing, and managing its (more…)

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