The infamous Kevin Mitnick was known as a “hacker” when really he was a “Social Engineer.” Social Engineering uses manipulation and deception to get what is wanted. In many cases this is directed by media to gain information that has not been made public or even worse, by a competitor or adversary to gather your trade secrets, proprietary processes, confidential information and the like.

The loss of this sensitive, confidential or proprietary information and / or processes could cause a loss of a competitive edge or create despair. Information can be gleaned from an individual; at their desk, residence, trade shows, meetings, at airports, on airplanes, hotels and a multitude of other places. Social Engineers, information gatherers or spy’s can have the ability to blend in and hide, sometimes, in plain sight at many locations. Can your staff identify this peril and would they know ways to deal with this threat and how to report an incident?

Merit Security’s programs will heighten awareness and provide specific training to:

  • Identify Social Engineering in action
  • Monitoring and investigations to find the source
  • Prevent Social Engineering from becoming an effective threat
  • Prevent shoulder surfing, information gathering, conversation monitoring or eavesdropping and other clandestine and surreptitious threats
  • Identifying most vulnerable access points
  • Familiarize the concept of “Need to Know” to relevant staff to only provide information to the right people
  • Customize solutions to work in your individual business and in your particular industry

Merit Security has the experience and expertise as well as a network of expert consultants to provide training, awareness, and ground support on site as well as off site for meetings, conventions, hotel settings, sales conferences, etc. We will help you contain sensitive, confidential and vital information.

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