Merit Security can be your Off-Site, Virtual Security Department. For companies that do not need a full-time security professional or manager, Merit Security can provide the management and administration expertise to plan, develop, monitor, and continually assess security operations.

Now, your company can control costs utilizing a vast and varried degree of security experience.

Through our network of skilled professionals, Merit can provide sources for investigations and background checks, surveillance, executive protection, travel security, workplace violence, guard services and management, vendor contracts and negotiations, access controls, integrated electronic systems, asset tracking, disaster recovery and emergency preparedness.

Merit Expertise will provide:

  • Assessment and evaluation of current security operations
  • Working with other management within your company to generate a realistic budget
  • Development of security procedures and policies, or review and update of existing operations
  • In-house personnel as needed, or as your company grows
  • Timely access to security specialists
  • Security professionals for immediate on-site services as needed
  • Training, testing, and awareness programs
  • Guidelines, procedures, documentation, forms, training, and testing for employee awareness
  • Crime prevention and other employee issues

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