Wireless communication is very vulnerable to capture and eavesdropping. With modern wireless technology the threat has diminished however, consider that most every wireless device transmits the signal 360 degrees from several feet to several miles. The signal can be captured by an individual or a device in an adjoining office, a vehicle outside, a close hotel room, a next door neighbor, etc.

Basically; when a signal is analogue, or simple, it can be overheard when and as discussed – if a signal is digital or even encrypted it can be captured, recorded (downloaded) and then scrutinized to make it legible and conventionally understood.

Wireless devices are commonplace in our society and more so as time and technology advance. Cordless phones, wireless headsets, wireless microphones, wireless computer keyboards and other accessories, cell phones, PDA’s, video devices and much more. Do you have any of these devices in your home or office? Much of these communications devices can be prone to a clandestine or surreptitious type of bug or other type of eavesdropping device.

There is no expectation that the use of these types of devices will diminish in time. Consider if someone were to listen into your private or confidential conversations. What would be the cost or threat to your business, if the content of a proprietary conversation were in the hands of a competitor or a disgruntled employee? What would be the cost of being vulnerable to this type of penetration?

Merit Security has a distinguished history of providing Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) sweeps / debugging services. We have provided these services for:

  • Major Corporations at risk from competitive and foreign intelligence services
  • For corporations wishing to fulfill proper Due Diligence
  • Specific sweeps and audits at residences, hotels and off site locations
  • Trade shows and stockholder type meetings
  • Specific coverage, sweeps and audits at meeting sites, with real time threat monitoring during meetings
  • Other services as warranted to individual needs to maintain confidentiality

Our sweeps and audits come with a complete analysis and report of our TSCM operations, with listings of prioritized vulnerabilities and recommendations to mitigate threats. Kindly visit TSCM for additional information.

We urge you to review our Proprietary Information page on this web site and should there be a concern we welcome your confidential call. It is highly recommended you discuss this and make a call to us in a Non Target Area.